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Honey's Midford Cider

Honey's Midford Cider

When the Honey’s bought the farm in Midford near Bath back in 1960, the old maps – like so many in Somerset – had ‘orchard’ marked on several grass paddocks.  

It took 42 years, but in 2002 they revived that tradition by planting traditional Somerset grazed orchards, which are of potentially big, widely spaced trees giving the sheep and cattle shade and shelter.  In return they provide fertility to the orchard soil. 

They have find that using a small proportion of eating and cooking apples with the cider apples gives a clean and fresh note, which balances beautifully with the full, rounded taste of the traditional cider. Apples from nearby gardens and orchards are perfect for the job so they put out requests for unwanted ‘windfalls’ and are always amazed by the response – no need for scrumping at all! 

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