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Mak's Brewery

We believe, beer should not be market-oriented and more importantly, should not have only one single and boring taste. The craft beer brew by all natural ingredients that can actually bring you so much enjoyment on the sense of taste and smell. The combinations of fragrant, malty and bittersweet are beyond our wildest dreams. We are here to tell you: Do not drink for alcohol, drink for lifestyle. 我們認為,啤酒不應該以市場為導向,更重要的是,不應該只有一個單一而枯燥的味 道。精釀啤酒採用全天然成分,可以為您帶來眾多味覺和嗅覺的享受。由香味,麥芽 味和苦樂參半所組成的感受令人難以想像!我們來這裡是為了告訴你:不要為灌酒而 喝酒,你要喝的,是一種生活方式。

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